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For Honor Observables: How To Find Observables Easier, Get Rewards For Clearing Story Mode

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For Honor Observables
Source: For Honor Raider Trailer

In For Honor’s  story mode, players will often find special interest points called Observables which are needed to be collected for 100 percent progression. More than just random collectibles, Observables trigger some voiceovers that discuss the game’s lore. Here’s what we know about the For Honor Observables.

Story Mode Observables

For Honor’s story mode delves heavily on its lore not only through storytelling, but also via Observables. These collectibles can be found in the For Honor story mode missions. Observables provide a window to get more details about a character’s backstory, information about the place, and other general lore.

Finding Observables

Unlike usual hidden-in-plain-sight secret content, most of the For Honor Observables can be triggered instantly. Players will have to look and pan the camera almost everywhere to find these Observables.  As seen on HarryNinetyFour’s video, Observables are little blue diamonds placed near key structures, characters, and even broken debris.

Easter Egg Disconnect

At best, players should finish the story mode first if they’re planning to collect all For Honor Observables in each mission. It’s possible that you’ll mess up some of the story mode’s mission objectives during your search for these collectibles. Clear out the missions first so it won’t matter if you fail the missions in your search. Activision’s Call of Duty series places some Intel collectibles in its Campaign missions. Players may get disconnected with the game’s tense scenes as they’ll focus on finding these collectibles even if their character dies.

Story Mode Rewards

Aside from finding Observables in the story mode, players will also be rewarded in the multiplayer mode for completing story mode missions. According to Karmagator’s thread on the For Honor subreddit, players will earn premium scavenger crates, symbols, engravings,  ornaments, Steel, colors, and background for the multiplayer mode. Players who want a headstart on multiplayer mode loot should play the story mode first for these rewards. Additionally, the story mode can be a good training ground to better understand the controls of the game.

For Honor so far

For Honor has just recently been released, and the game isn’t a week old yet. Players will have to join one of the warring factions to claim as many territories as possible for a reward at the end of the season. For Honor has a fighting system which gives players three points to attack foes and defend themselves. We’ve yet to see if this new Ubisoft game will be a new eSports title or will have a healthy population to keep the game alive.

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