For Honor New Trailer Showcases The Three Factions, Story Modes, Multiplayer Modes

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Ubisoft released a new trailer for their upcoming game, For Honor. Ubisoft showcased the factions in combat, the game will let the players choose an origin or factions which consisting of Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. Players must battle each other to the death.

Each factions features a different storyline, set of skills, abilities, gameplay, and classes. Players get to choose between the four types of warriors that are capable of ?wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

Each one of the warriors will have their own specialties, weapons, fighting styles, and advantages. Assassins can execute a fast consecutive attacks to the enemy, and able win a 1 versus 1 battle quite easily. However, their defenses are considerably low, as expected in every assassin.

Heavies are slow, with an excellent defense paired with a powerful heavy and slow attacks that are capable of sweeping through the battlefield.

Warden Knights, on the other hand, are balanced and rounded fighters which are excellent in both Defensive and Offensive capabilities

Faction Classes

Each of the faction has their own Assassin, Vanguard, Heavy and Hybrid. However, each of them has names of their own.

The Knights have the Peacekeeper, Warden, Conqueror and Lawbringer

The Vikings have the Berserker, Raider, Warlord and Valkyrie

The Samurai have the Orochi, Kensei, Shugoki and Nobushi

Each of them is expected to have similarities when it comes to playstyle and attack patterns. Player?s characters can be customized and able to change a lot of details including the gender and color schemes of their armors and weapons.

Loots are also distributed after the match and will include Weapons and Armors that can be constructed to match the player?s strategies.

Story Mode

Ubisoft also confirmed that there will be a campaign, which will fill all of the faction?s stories. It will also feature a story of a merciless Warlord, named Apollyon.

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Multiplayer modes include:

Dominion, players will participate in a 4v4 battle of territory, players must hold the control points and push back their enemies including AI-controlled soldiers.

There is also a 2v2 mode called Brawl, players must win by killing their opponents.

Skirmish is a 4v4 deathmatch which players must kill their opponents to gain points.

Lastly, the Duel, a 1v1 battle emphasizing the close-quarters combat and skills

For Honor will have a closed alpha testing set to run on September 15th to 18th. And will be released on February 14th of 2017. For the latest news on games like Pokemon GO, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Quantum Break, keep coming to TheBitBag.

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