Foodini: a 3D Printer that Prints Food from Fresh Ingredients

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Foodini will change the way you eat fast food once you have seen it print your breakfast. This 3D food printer lets you print all types of fresh and nutritious foods, as you desire. It is designed for both home and professional kitchens, which comes with empty food capsules. Instead of reheating your unhealthy meal using the microwave, Foodini can cook and print your daily meals deliciously! No need to purchase pre ? filled food capsules. Everything on your plate is real, healthy and delicious food, but 3D printed.

A New Way to Eating Healthy Food

A lot of people, especially in the urban areas, have abandoned great food cooked with fresh ingredients in favor of processed ones that have additives and preservatives. This 3D printing technology allows you to change your unhealthy eating habits by making home cooked meals easier and fun. Foodini will take care of the difficult parts of cooking that take time when done by hand. The creator of this food printer aims to streamline some repetitive cooking activities, such as forming ravioli or forming a dough to encourage people to eat healthy meals.

How it Works

The 3D food printer has a built ? in touch screen display on the front. It has an integration application connecting to a website where users may view online demos, recipes and more. They will also gain access to a customized online recipe box, so they can share their newly discovered 3D printed recipe creations.

The website is viewable from Foodini?s on ? board touch screen, as well as in other devices like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Users can browse recipes and instruct Foodini to assist in combining the needed ingredients in the food capsule. Once the ingredients are complete, the printing will begin shortly.

A Stylish Kitchen Piece

Foodini looks stunning inside any kitchen, whether at home or the restaurant. It is very easy to use with its plug ? and ? play feature. So how much would a Foodini cost you? Early bird backers of its Kickstarter campaign were offered the price of $999. After the pledges, it could rise to $1, 200. The product is estimated to be shipped out by January 2015, but excited consumers can have it now by pledging $2,000. Those who pledged will get the Foodini as early as October this year.

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