Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma Season 3 Spoilers: New Headmaster Restructures Totsuki Culinary Academy

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Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma
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Fans of Shokugeki No Soma season 3 may soon arrive after spoilers start to emerge online. The interesting ending of the second season led to speculations that more competition will happen in the third season. After Soma put his efforts in bringing the best French Cuisine on the table, he finally decides, it?s still not good enough to be part of the Shinomiya menu.

Nevertheless, Shinomiya will offer a hand and help Soma improve his French Cuisine cooking. Eventually, their efforts paid off and Soma passed the Stagiaire. Shokugeki No Soma season 3 reveals that with no other competition to attend to, Soma decides to return to the Totsuki Culinary School. Upon his return, he came to realize that he?s all ready to take any challenge of Shokugeki.

According to reports, a new headmaster will arrive at the Totsuki Culinary Academy and plans on restructuring the school. Apparently, the old system is not working and needs some new programs to compete again. Erina?s grandfather, who steps out as the school?s current headmaster, will be replaced by her father.

Erina will rebel against her father?s ways of treating the school and decides to go to ?Polar Star Dormitory. Meanwhile, Soma will continue to hone his skills in order to win every challenge thrown at him. Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma season 3 promises a mouth watering new season as the challenge will significantly include new recipes and kitchen cooking styles.

Fate of the Totsuki Culinary School

The fate of the Totsuki Culinary Academy lies in the hands of Erina?s father, but his daughter is too stubborn to let him make the change that will put the school in jeopardy. Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma season 3 rumors suggested that Yukihira Soma and Erina will join force to protect the school from her father?s plans as well as the board of directors.

Despite the spoilers, Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma season 3 still has no confirmed release date. Hence, the absence of the exact number of episodes for the third season. For more news an update about the Food Wars anime series, make sure to read us here on TheBitBag.

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