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Fnatic, Alliance Out of The International Dota 2 Championship; EG and VG Tops Group

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As the group stage of The International ends, a lot of surprises certainly have shocked the fans out there. But perhaps nothing could be more shocking than seeing last year?s TI4 champions, Team Alliance, crash out of the group stage.

Coming into the 4th day of ?phase two of the playoffs, a lot of people had their hopes ups for the Swedes despite their shaky performance in the previous days.? With a 5-8 record, the team needed to win their last two?matches in order to keep their hopes alive of snatching the $4.9 million prize. The?team?had to face their?long-time rivals Team Na`Vi and top 2 seed Team EG.

The odds initially looked good in Alliance?s favor after they won with a well-coordinated Naga strat against Na`Vi, but eventually, they lost to a much stronger EG team.

Before the Alliance-EG matchup, there has been a lot of speculation among the fans that Team EG will throw away the match against their sister team in order for Alliance to make it out of the group. But doing so will get EG tied with DK at 10-5 and lose their 2nd spot?a position EG would certainly not want.

The game looked good for Alliance at the start, but EG was able to pull themselves together in the end with much better execution and a stronger teamfight composition lineup. This ended the hope of all Alliance fans and all speculations as well. The team will only receive a ?$37.5k cash prize.


Meanwhile, Fnatic and Empire also failed to impress their fans as they got on the same sinking boat with Alliance. Despite being eliminated, both teams took home $21k each for their efforts.

On the top of the bracket, Vici Gaming and EG secured the top 2 spots and will directly go straight to the main event on July 18. The two teams are guaranteed to have at least a top 6 finish and roughly a ?$640k cut of the prize pool.

The final matches of the day were the tie-breaker matches between LGD, Newbee, and mousesports. Both Chinese teams LGD and Newbee came out on top to keep their hopes alive.

Now that we have determined the top 10 teams, this marks the end of the group stage and will now proceed to the 3rd phase of the playoffs.

Stay tuned for more updates on The International Dota 2!

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