FNaF World Update: New Characters Coming Soon For Five Nights At Freddy’s RPG

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FNaF World Update

FNaF World?s IndieDB page has posted a picture featuring an extended character roster that includes new party members as part of the ?Update ?2,? as discussed on Reddit. Here?s the picture on IndieDB teasing the possible additions in the game in the FNaF World update.

As seen on the picture, more animatronics and non-FNaF universe characters may join the cast of FNaF World. The boss version of Scott Cawthon and a regular Chipper seems to be part of these upcoming characters despite them being ?killed? off in both of their ending paths. Perhaps they still have a hand in the story as most of the animatronic party members are interchangeable in cutscenes and boss fights. We?ll see if these party members will affect the Scott Cawthon and Chipper?s Revenge boss fights, similar to triggering the Universe ending by making two Fredbears talk to each other in cutscenes.

Another notable addition in the FNaF World update is Coffee from Cawthon?s other game, The Desolate Hope. The Desolate Hope is similar to FNaF World in terms of visuals due to its use of flashing lights and rapidly changing colors, but the two games heavily differ in theme maturity. Besides the Scott Cawthon boss inclusion in the party, Coffee is expected to be out of place in the game as The Desolate Hope doesn?t focus on murder and pizzerias.

Four other versions of known animatronics have been confirmed too, and the pixelated Purple Guy makes an appearance. Purple Guy is generally viewed as a true evil entity in the FNaF universe as he is accused to be the cause of the violent and murderously surprising nature of the animatronics. We?ll see if he?ll garner different lines from Fredbear and the secret endings found in the game.

However, the release date of the FNaF World ?Update 2? was not specified on the GameJolt page of the game. The news might possibly be a hoax if Cawthon himself does not mention such updates.

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