FNaF World Update: How Scott Cawthon Can Improve The Five Nights At Freddy’s RPG

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FNaF World Update

Scott Cawthon?s FNaF World is famous among players because of its lore found in earlier Five Nights at Freddy?s entries. However, there are plenty of ways that FNaF World can still improve its systems and gameplay. Here are some suggestions that Cawthon can consider in an FNaF World update.

Buff or change some attacks of the earlier party members

In FNaF World, most unlockable party members overshadow the earlier characters in their overall usefulness in the party. The later incarnations of the animatronics usually have better versions of their earlier counterpart?s attacks and skills. With their inferior ability pool, initial party members such as regular Freddy and Toy Freddy are rendered useless in secret boss fights later in the game, even if they are level grinded. Even if they gain levels, the party members won?t learn anything more than their three initial skills.

If possible, Cawthon could at least add a system that?ll allow players to overwrite or upgrade some of the characters? moves when they hit a certain level. He can even allot an NPC for it if it?s hard to insert skill growth systems per animatronic. With this, we might be able to see more favorable party compositions in the game. Cawthon could also include unique passives for each animatronic so there?d be a reason for players to bring them in the party even if they don?t deal enough damage.

Add unique character dialogue in-game

Aside from having Fredbear with a generic message for each character except for the Universe end, Cawthon could use this to introduce more lore to explore in the Five Nights at Freddy?s universe. If the rumored FNaF World ?Update 2? happens, it might be great to have a unique dialogue with Purple Guy, Chipper or the ?Scott Cawthon? boss. The RPG element in FNaF World isn?t that strong, as the buildings found in the start of the game can?t be accessed, and immersion through NPC interaction is limited through shops, minigames missions and system tutorials.

In defense of its detached and fourth wall breaking RPG story, FNaF World does use a plot that breaches the normal boundaries of its own world using ?system glitches? as a way to travel around the areas. Having too little interaction without strong messages make the RPG feel solitary despite having a party to work with. The multiple silent protagonist gimmick here is a problem that prevents party members from having interesting interactions. All in all, FNaF World is interesting in its subtle lore but not in its physical presentation. Fans will have to wait if the rumored FNaF World ?Update 2? materializes and if it brings improvements to the game

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