FNaF World Update 2 Not Enough To Save Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights At Freddy’s RPG

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FNaF World Update 2

The FNaF World site has officially confirmed the upcoming ?Update 2? for the RPG. Only rumors about the next wave of playable characters have surfaced in light of the FNaF World Update 2. Will these new characters be enough to save the game?

As far as the rumors say, there are only new characters coming this ?Update 2? as stated in our previous article. These are new versions of Freddy, Chica and Balloon Boy, Nightmarionne, the playable version FNaF World Boss ?Scott Cawthon?, and the Purple Guy from the previous Five Nights at Freddy?s entries. There?s also cameos from Cawthon?s other games such as Chipper and Coffee.

Aside from fulfilling a dream team from these characters, they may not matter in the game if they?re just chiming to be part of the playable cast. The game can be finished without using the new characters. Replaying the game just to grind the levels of the new characters aren?t exactly worth it without a story reward in itself. Only hardcore Five Nights at Freddy?s fans or Speedrunners can appreciate having overpowered party members in the team.

The upcoming update won?t improve the game?s quality unless the official FNaF World Update 2 includes new story paths. The cameos and other playable characters will be flat and a waste of potential if they don?t have unique interactions with some of the endings namely the ?Scott Cawthon? ending and Chipper?s Revenge ending.

Currently, we?ll have to wait on Scott Cawthon to roll out the said Update 2. As FNaF World doesn?t have any sort of online connectivity, it might be in form of a full download or a small patch program. The FNaF Universe still has unsolved mysteries such as the truth behind the murderous animatronics and the identity of the Purple Guy.

Alternatively, the upcoming content being teased in the Scottgames website might be a clue to either the FNaF World Update 2 or an entirely new game. For now, we?ll need more info on Cawthon?s next update on the game to really see if it can improve the game?s quality. Stay tuned for more FNaF World updates here at TheBitBag.

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