FNaF World Ending: What Does The Clock Ending Mean?

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FNaF World Ending

One of the most notable FNaF World endings is the clock ending. It?s guided by the NPC Fredbear in FNaF World?s Hard Mode, where he instructs the player to ?find the clocks,? if the players opt to wait out and not click the ?DONE? button. Here?s what?s known so far about the FNaF World ending.

At around 14:49-15:27 of DJ Sterf?s video is the clock ending cutscene. After fulfilling all of Fredbear?s direct requests to the player, he or she will be presented with this cryptic message from an unknown figure in the dark. The figure?s identity is still unconfirmed, but it?s possible that it?s an animatronic or Fredbear himself.

The FNaF World ending doesn?t make sense at all by itself, but analyzing the clock minigames in the title might provide some clarity. DJ Sterf?s video spans all the Fredbear Clock minigames to get to this ending.

At first, the clock minigames seem like standalone random tasks assigned by Fredbear to lead you someplace else. A Five Nights at Freddy?s Reddit thread managed to find a connection of the FNaF World minigames to those in Five Nights at Freddy?s 3. Here?s the image to show the similarities.

Based on the clock ending, it might be possible that it?s the player?s turn to become the Puppetmaster of the game. The minigames in FNaF World have subconsciously made players to set up FNaF 3?s minigames in place. It?s also possible that there are some clues left in the entries before FNaF World that the fans missed, and this is Cawthon?s heads-up for that.

Alternatively, the FNaF World ending could be connected to the gray lines posted on Cawthon?s official site. It could be true that the Five Nights at Freddy?s games finally ends with FNaF World, but that doesn?t mean that Cawthon would stop expanding the story. He could make another game set in the FNaF universe, but not with the same, tiring gameplay that we?ve seen in FNaF?s four entries. Due to the lack of strong theories or findings about the gray lines, we?ll have to wait if Cawthon really is cooking up something or will just let the mystery of the series remain unsolved.

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