FNaF World Ending: Scott Cawthon Tired Of Making Five Nights At Freddy’s Games?

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FNaF World Ending

The FNaF World ending features a path where players defeat a ?Scott Cawthon? boss, who says he?s tired of being the puppetmaster of the game and then proceeds to fight the player. Upon defeat, this last boss rants about the player killing the storyteller. Does this signify that Cawthon is tired of the Five Nights at Freddy?s series? Here?s a video of the game?s ending from RabidRetrospectGames.

When you meet the boss, he initially congratulates you but proceeds to fight upon concluding that you, the player, are the cause of his misery. The ?Scott Cawthon? boss even has the move called 4th wall, which is a direct interaction of the fictional character with the audience. Upon defeat, he taunts the player for killing the storyteller and disappears entirely from the game.

Long story short, your team outright destroys and deletes the ?Scott Cawthon? boss after he is defeated in the FNaF World ending. The white running man with the bluish glow is the known logo of Cawthon, and it generally means your animatronics or you, the player, has killed Cawthon figuratively in the game.

Either due to stress or franchise fatigue, Cawthon has decided not to make another entry in the FNaF series, which may be a smart move on his part. Cawthon has already churned out four FNaF entries in a span of two years, as seen in the search results on Steam. FNaF World is confirmed to be his last game for the franchise, so we?ll have to expect something different from him if we still want his games. Cawthon did make The Desolate Hope, which might be the next series he?ll work on after FNaF. The game is also free to download on Steam.

Despite this, we can?t take the ?Scott Cawthon? final boss? words in the FNaF World ending as real life Cawthon?s ?declaration? about the series. There is always a certain disconnect between the author and his works, and taking intentional or unintentional self-insert characters as serious representations of the authors is unfair and rude to them. However, the Scott Cawthon boss seems to want to get a message across, so it might be wise to listen to its sentiments and not ask for another Five Nights at Freddy?s entry.

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