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Florida Baby With Incomplete Skull Celebrates 1st Birthday, Defies All Odds, Miracle Goes Viral Online

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Florida baby with incomplete skull

Even when doctors declared that it would be medically impossible for a baby without half of his skull and brain to live, Baby Jaxon Emmett Buell of Tavares, Florida defies all odds and celebrated his 1st birthday with proud parents, Brandon and Brittany Buell.

According to Viral Thread, the Buell couple was already warned by their doctor that their son has a very serious and extreme brain malformation and might not even survive the pregnancy. They were given the option to abort the pregnancy on the 23rd week but the couple who were a staunch Christian held on to their baby, saying: ?Who are we to decide? We were given a child, we are given a chance and we have to be his voice.?

Florida Baby With Incomplete Skull

When the baby was born, they were again warned of the possibility of it dying within days but the miracles keep on piling up. Brandon and Brittany believe that as long as they will give baby Jaxon all the chances to make his life longer, the baby will keep on fighting.

One of the good news they received was when the doctors were able to finally identify their son?s condition. And they were able to understand what their son is going through and the medication and care that he needs.

Although there are recorded cases of Microhydranencephaly children living into their 30?s and have lived relatively normal lives, the parents are aware that their baby might not be one of the fortunate ones. As it is, they are already very grateful that in spite of the doctors? prognosis and the current statistics, he has miraculously made it to his first birthday.

Despite the fact that celebrating his birthday is a momentous and glorious milestone for baby Jaxon, it also reminds his parents that he has lived because he defied all odds but the reality of his having a short life is not lost to them. Brittany is aware of this and admits that even if they all try their best to be positive, there will always be that 1% chance that he won?t make it. ?I?m very aware that today may be his last day. I?m aware tomorrow he may not be here,? laments the loving mother.

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