Florence and the Machine, Final Fantasy XV OST Download, Where to Listen: A Fantasy Made in Heaven

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Final Fantasy XV

Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) and Final Fantasy XV coming together is a match made in heaven, or should we say 7th Heaven (ff7). This is just too perfect and fans can’t stop raving about this news. Florence Welch?s voice and music are so unique that it emanates an ethereal sound where you can feel like you are in a dream – which is what the Final Fantasy series is all about when you get in the game.

Playing any Final Fantasy game while hearing Florence and the Machine in the background would surely give us all sorts of feels, enhancing our gameplay and pushing us to be even more emotionally invested in its storyline. Rolling Stone reports that Florence Welch understands very well what kind of a game Final Fantasy is as well as its stories – therefore properly knowing what vision to have for the songs. On her decision to collaborate with Square Enix, she said, “I’ve always seen Final Fantasy as a beautiful and creative game so I don’t think I could have worked with another video game, it wouldn’t have made sense. In some ways the landscape of Final Fantasy and my own internal landscape seemed to fit quite well. It?s mythical and beautiful and epic.?

Final Fantasy XV

Florence and the Machine released three song for Final Fantasy XV. Teaming with producer Emile Haynie for the songs, ?Too Much is Never Enough,? ?I Will Be? both originals and ?Stand by Me? which is a cover, original by Ben E. King. All three songs are orchestral so prepare to get goosebumps!

Here?s a fan-made video trailer featuring Florence and the Machine?s cover of Stand by Me

Final Fantasy XV release date was moved to November 29, 2016 for reasons unknown as of the moment. Rumor has it that the developers needed more time for testing and polishing the game.


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