Florence And The Machine Australia Tour ‘Cathartic’, Moves Fans

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English indie band Florence And The Machine wowed the audience at the Perth Arena on Saturday night, the first night of their ?How Big Tour? of Australia. The tour is named after their new album called ?How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful?, which was released in May. Out of 16 songs, half of the evening?s set list was composed of tracks from the said album.

Singer Florence Welch, known for her powerful vocals characterized by vulnerability and rawness, opened the night with ?What the Water Gave Me? from the 2011 album Ceremonials followed by ??Ship to Wreck?, the anthemic and melancholy ?Shake it Out? and ?Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)?. Dressed in white and feet bare, Welch delivered a spectacular live performance that left the audience in awe.

Other songs performed during the night include ?What Kind of Man?, ?Queen of Peace? and the title track from ?How Big? album and the joyful ?Dog Days Are Over? from their debut studio album ?Lungs.?

?Mother? and ?Drumming Song? closed the night.

?I think I’ve got quite a strange voice,? Welch said in an interview with NPR about her latest studio album. ?It’s more emotional, perhaps, than technical. I think I quite like to hide it behind lots of backing vocals and things like that ? and on this record, Markus Dravs, who is the producer, he was quite adamant that I wasn’t going to do that. And I agreed with him, because it’s good to be vulnerable, but it was a big change for me. I found it difficult.?

Welch also admitted that ?How Big? was cathartic and a reunion of sorts with parts of herself.

?You know, to make this record, it was like almost a period of unraveling before. Without the distraction of touring and without the kind of validation of shows all the time, I really was, for the first time in a long time, faced with myself and everything that perhaps I hadn’t been dealing with or hadn’t really grown out of.?

?One half of me kind of wanted to have this calm, quiet, nice time ? and then I would just keep tripping myself up into this chaotic side. But, you know, I’m quite self-destructive. I had a lot of fun, but there was a real conflict with that in the year that I was writing. I think in the writing of the record, it was almost as if I came back to myself in a different way.?

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