Floating City Can House 7K People Promotes Sustainability and Produces Zero Waste

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Jacques Rougerie City of M?riens-Floating-City


If there is one word to describe the floating city designed by the imaginative French architect Jacques Rougerie; this is it!

The City of M?riens might look like something out of the latest sci-fi movie with its look, design and features but this is a real, upcoming project that will provide people studying the ocean a place to live and conduct their long termed research. The marine architectural marvel is not only designed to provide shelter for the people who will stay on it but it is also envisioned to provide sustainable food production technology that produces zero wastes as well as promotes healthy environmental friendly living conditions. It will entirely run on renewable marine energy.

The manta ray shaped facility was not designed for aesthetics or whatever reason but for the comfort and safety of the people living in it. The form and structure was designed so that it can resist turbulence from storms and other vicious weather conditions as it sails in any part of the world?s oceans. Aside from its capability to float and sail the seas, it is also designed to submerged and go underwater. The basic structure is said to be 60 meters tall, and measure 900 meters by 500 meters and will entirely be dedicated to the analysis and observation of the Earth?s marine biodiversity.

This marvelous sea vessel cum experimental city is still conceptual but it does not mean that it won?t become a reality. Rougerie is not completely new to this kind of conceptual design. In fact, the Sea Orbiter, his latest 12 floor floating lab with six floors above and six below sea level ? costing a hefty $50 million to make, is expected to be operational next year.

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