Fleetwood Mac Not Dead: Know Where In Australia Is Their Next Show

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For those fans who think that Fleetwood Mac?s Australian Tour will be their last, then think again. There?s still no stopping one of the most successful bands in the world as they tour Australia with a line-up of songs that produced one of the biggest selling albums of all time ? Rumors, according to ABC News.

Founding member and drummer of the band Mick Fleetwood shared in an interview with 702 ABC Sydney Breakfast host Robbie Buck how it was revitalizing to make a tour once again. ?It has not got old,? Fleetwood said. ?We have been on the road now with Christine for many, many months all over the world and it is truly amazing seeing this woman return.?

Low and behold, Fleetwood said that this tour is not going to be their last. ?This is not goodbye,? he said. ?Stevie [Nicks] mentioned it to me the other night, saying: ?this can?t be the goodbye tour because no one said that it was.?”

He described how surprised he was that the band was still intact after almost half a century, shared by ABC News. ?I often go back to the feeling that I get when I see this strange convoluted bunch of people walking on that stage, they have all been involved at such high levels of emotion at various times.

?John and Chris were married and then went their separate ways, Stevie and Lindsay; I had a relationship for a while with Stevie,? he said, explaining the challenges the band had to go through all these years. ?It is like the cauldron of emotive challenges,? he added. ?If you were looking at it on a piece of paper you would say ?this is not possible, this script for this film is pure fantasy.?

?But we look back on it and we did survive it ? with damage and also with growth. I don?t think any one member of this band would sit around and say this has not been worth it, even with the pain involved.?

Fleetwood Mac is making an impact in Australia and is currently playing shows in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and the Hunter Valley, according to ABC News.

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