The Flash Season 3 Updates and Spoilers: Who Are Returning And Who Are Not?

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Now that The Flash Season 3 is in the works already, everyone is excited to know who will join the cast ensemble in the upcoming season. So here?s what we have learned so far:

According to reports, Jesse Wells, played by Violett Beane, will be reappearing in the third installment of the hit TV series. However, nothing has been said about her character and her special power, if she has one. The actress confirmed that she will be reprising her role in the show but explained that like everybody else, she knows nothing yet.

It should be remembered that previously, it was revealed that the forthcoming show will be patterned after the Flashpoint concept that was published in the comics. Beane said that a lot of things can still happen given the show?s format with false reality.

Some said that the actress will be the speedster of Earth-1, while others believe that Beane will be returning in the later dates of the season. It must be remembered that the previous installment travelled through time to return from the past. It was for them to change how The Flash saved his mother.

Right now, the Jesse viewers see is Jesse?s Earth-2 self. But this character will remind her and the viewers about the accelerator blast that happened in Season 2. She was then exposed to Barry?s super dust. Some says that if Jesse returns as her Earth-1 version, it will be an entirely different person. She could also be a partner for Earth-3 Jay Garrick.

Meanwhile, some reports claimed that Beane is more interested in becoming a speedster during the early parts of The Flash Season 3. Should this happen, expect that Wally West, portrayed by Keiynan Lonsdale, will also return for the show. Wally was also a victim of the super-dust., The Flash will then have a couple of hands that will make for a very powerful team.

Other characters that will be part of the cast of the series are Tom Cavanagh, who plays the role of Harrison Wells, and Henry Allen, who portrays the role of John Wesley Ship.

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Watch the return of the show on October 4, 2016 on The CW.

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