The ‘Flash Season 3’ Spoilers and Premiere Date – Barry and Iris Finally End Up Together? See Trailer

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The spoilers on The Flash Season 3 all culminated at the recent San Diego Comic-Con International as the event revealed the show?s first official trailer. Of course, there?s Keiynan Lonsdale playing Wally West as the ?the ?Kid Flash?. Said to have similar characteristic as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Lonsdale said in an interview ?There?s similar qualities. He?s Kid Flash, so I tried to play him with a young, lighthearted cockiness to him that can sometimes be his downfall, but he?s just in a really good place mentally; he?s never felt more sure of himself?.

Take a first look trailer released at SDCC 2016 here –

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LGQRbPERaU]

The Flash Season 3 entitled ?Flashpoint? revealed that while there are hopes of some new experiences in the series, Barry will remain true to what he?s known for and that?s his speed. Also, Barry is implied to eventually hit it off with Iris, just like what the finale of season 2 implied when they had the conversation. Asked what Gustin thinks about that, he answered, ?He also knows that that conversation in the Season 2 finale still happened, as far as he remembers, his plan is ?I?m just gonna find her and it?s gonna work out.? Good ol? Barry logic.?

Executive producer Todd Hebling also believes that, somehow, Barry and Iris will end up together. ?I think it?s safe to say that in any timeline, Barry and Iris will ultimately find each other. We?re doing two big bads, one is a speedster that we?ll reveal later, and the creepy guy in the mask that we saw is Doctor Alchemy.?

The Flash Season 3 will also mark the work relationship of Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and who knows, Supergirl will come in right in time? It?s finally time for that major crossover episode.

Tom Felton is also said to joinThe Flash Season 3 as Julian Dorn and yes, he just might be a threat to Barry in this whole new season. This will begin when Julian tries to question things that are fairly within Barry?s expertise.

The Flash Season 3 premieres on The CW beginning Tuesday, October 4 at 8 PM ET. Don?t miss the latest updates on the series and make sure to check on the TheBitBag for the latest news about the show.

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