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The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Love Between Iris and Barry to Bloom According to Candice Patton; Killer Frost All Set for a Comeback

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The Flash Season 3 is all set to premiere in a few weeks. As the date draws near, fans are getting more hyped about the next season.

Candice Patton recently teased fans about what The Flash season 3 is bound to offer. Patton plays the role of Iris in the hit series. The actress revealed some interesting events that will happen between her and Barry’s relationship.

According to Patton, her character?s actions will please fans next season. She further stated that Iris is moving into the last part of life. That is, attempting to make the romance between her and Barry work.

Patton?s revelation is definitely good news for several fans. Loyal viewers of the superhero series were hoping that Iris and Barry will find their way into each other?s arms in the end.

Viewers are aware that Iris and Barry?s relationship has been through some good and tough times. Many perceive that their relationship was not the romantic type. It was more of a brotherly love for some.

But The Flash Season 3 is going to be different for the two well loved characters. It looks like the upcoming season will see the relationship of Iris and Barry finally going to the next level.

Romantic Relationship Between Iris and Barry

The Flash fans know that Iris and Barry lived in the same home. They were like siblings to each other. However, it is important to note that the two are not related by blood.This means that the two could have a the chance to build a romantic relationship as the show progresses. The Flash Season 3 could see finally see a romantic kind of love happening between Iris and Barry. Fans just need to be patient because it looks like romance will be in the air soon.

Aside from romance, another thing that fans can look forward to in the much awaited season is the return of Killer Frost. Director Kevin Smith already confirmed that there is an episode in The Flash season 3 that focuses on Caitlin Snow?s wicked doppelganger.

The Flash season 3 is slated to air on October 4 on The CW.

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