The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Jesse Quick Confirms Return; More Superheroes To Take Part In The Show?

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Even though the previous season concluded without leaving much of a cliffhanger, this hasn?t stopped fans from clamoring for more spoilers for the forthcoming The Flash Season 3. So here?s what we have gotten so far:

With the upcoming third installment of the series just few months away, it was revealed that Jesse Quick will be returning in the series. The announcement of her reappearance on the show came from an interview. However, further details remain to be hidden from the public.

According to reports, Jesse will be returning after going to Earth-2. She will be coming back with her father, Harry Wells. Jesse, portrayed by Violett Beane, bared that she does not know yet if she will have a power on her return.

Many believe that she will still possess her superpowers, especially after the S.T.A.R. Labs incident where Barry screwed up as he tried to regain his powers through an experiment. He failed to do so, causing a speed force wave to be unleashed that will hit Jesse.

The upcoming show will be anchored anew to the storyline of The Flashpoint where everything that happened is fresh and new. In this regard, rumor has it that one of the episodes in The Flash Season 3 will be named after Flashpoint. If one will base it on the comic book, it is assumed that Barry Allen will be waking up to a new reality. ?

He will be surprised with the changes he will be seeing and that everything seems to be different from what it is supposed to be. If this is the case, then it leaves the show open for all possibilities as if painting in a blank canvass and starting a new piece.

The Flash Season 3 | Photo from moviepilot.com

The said scenario also opens more options for the production team to try on. So, it is not impossible if the cast members of the show expand even more. Some of the superheroes that fans are hoping will be added in the series are Citizen Cold, Kid Flash, Batman and other Justice League members.

So make sure to mark your calendars on October 4 when The Flash Season 3 premieres.

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