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The Flash Season 3 Spoilers: Barry Allen Defeats Zoom; New Evil Character to Arrive?

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The Flash Season 3 brings smiles to the faces of many fans as a lot of exciting things are expected to happen. It looks like Zoom will be defeated this time. And no other person possesses the ability to beat him but Barry Allen.

While Allen could be successful in defeating Zoom, he is not the only villain that he needs to deal with. It was previously speculated that the upcoming season is bound to introduce more villains. It?s safe to assume that Allen will have a lot of work to do.

Aside from Zoom, The Flash Season 3 spoilers claim that our main hero will fight against a new Gentleman Ghost. The protagonist?s battle with all these villains would be interesting to see. Additionally, the upcoming season could reveal more about the identity of these villains. It was not confirmed if The Flash Season 3 is going to feature a backstory of the antagonists that are brave enough to challenge The Flash.

The End of Zoom

In the previous episode of The Flash, Allen and Zoom fought for various reasons. The main reason why The Flash needs to face the evil guy is to save Earth. Zoom has a device that he intends to use to destroy the planet. His goal is to have the Earth ruined so he can rule.

The Flash, of course, won?t allow this to happen. Allen does everything to prevent Zoom?s evil plans. And he was successful. Allen was able to outsmart him with his own tricks. In The Flash Season 2, Allen opted to not finish Zoom.

The Flash director Kevin Smith recently teased fans saying he wants a different villain. He has previously shared that his aim is to get the Gentleman Ghost villain to join the show.

If Zoom will finally be defeated next season, Gentleman Ghost?s arrival will be perfect timing. Gentleman Ghost is old and scary. He is a strong evil character that most viewers would be curious and excited about.

The Flash Season 3 is slated to air on October 4, 2016. Tune in only here at TheBitBag for more spoilers and updates.

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