The Flash Season 2 Spoilers: Rupture and Trajectory Wreak Havoc in Central City?

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The Flash is on currently winter break, but spoilers for season 2 keep popping up all over the net. When the scarlet speedster returns on March 22, it appears that he will be facing new villains in Central City. New characters are set to wreak havoc in Earth-1, although it is not yet clear if both characters will appear at the same time once The Flash season 2 returns with Episode 16. But one thing is for sure, Barry Allen and Team Flash will deal with both of them. But who are these mystery figures?

Design N Trend reports that an unknown character was spotted on the set of The Flash Season 2 with a long-handled sickle. Based on the costume of the character, it resembles the DC Comics villain Rupture. But who is Rupture? Comic Book Movie says Rupture is “The Hound of Mordeth.” He is Armando Ramon in human form and Cisco?s brother. ?Now, wait a minute!? you say! ?Cisco Ramon has another brother aside from Dante?? Apparently, Armando Ramon exists. His character in the DC Comics was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton.

Although, his character didn?t appear in any of the episodes in the previous season, unlike Cisco?s mom and brother Dante in episode 16 of season 1, chances are he?ll be introduced in the upcoming episode. There is no official confirmation yet as to when he?ll appear and if he really is Rupture. But if we were to just base it on his costume, as photographed by Canadagraphs, there is no doubt that he is ?very much like the DC Comics incarnation of villain,? and not to mention that the scythe resembles “The Hound of Mordeth?s” clincher.

As for our second character, Trajectory is a female speedster already confirmed to be introduced in The Flash Season 2: Episode 16. Aside from a new female character, Melty reports Iris appears to find a new love interest. The friction that she has with her new boss, who seems to be challenging her in a new assignment, turns into some kind of flirtation. Find out how this romance will turn out in the next episode.

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