The Flash Season 2 Spoilers: Why Kara Needs To Meet Barry? How Trajectory Changes the Game?

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The Flash Season 2 Spoilers

The meeting of Kara and Barry will not happen in The Flash Season 2 episode 16, ?Trajectory.? but the crossover will happen this week during the Supergirl time slot with Barry Allen shown visiting National City. Both shows will air this week with The Flash will return to its regular airing on March 22 after a month-long hiatus.

Everything is possible now with the hypothetical existence of the multiverse. So comic characters will come to know each other?s existence, regardless of which universe they come from. This explains why Barry Allen meets Kara Danvers.

Talks are swirling on the net that ?Supergirl? could use a little help with its rating as it has continually been dropping lately. So the network is allegedly coming up with this crossover idea to give the ratings of the show a boost.

But regardless of whether that is the real purpose of the show, the plot reveals a different story and looks to be timely. Entertainment Weekly says that ?narratively, the timing of Barry?s arrival in National City is a fortuitous one: After burning all her relationships during a bout with inhibition-freeing red kryptonite, Kara has hit a low point in her career as a hero.?

The report says that Andrew Kreisberg, the writer and producer of Supergirl, says that at this point in Kara?s life she needs some good advice because she has ?fallen out of good graces? with everyone in National City. In this crossover, The Flash pretends to be a vet. But he was able to establish a connection with Kara.

Melissa Benoist, who plays the role of Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, says that in this special crossover episode, Barry is able to teach Kara ?about what it means to be a hero, what kind of hero she wants to be, and even personally about love, friendship, and being true to who you are.? This encounter also in turn helps Barry gain more confidence about himself. And his return to Central City will also give new perspective and determination to defeat Zoom.

On a different note, The Flash Season 2 episode 16 will be exciting because a new female villain will be messing around Central City. But is the female speedster really a menace? Or just like Harrison Wells, will she be forced to create chaos as a diversion and trap for Barry Allen?

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