Flappy Bird: the Story Behind its 28 Days of Fame

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The game Flappy Bird became a worldwide phenomenon in just a matter of weeks. It looks like a simple game, but it is deceivingly hard. This has caused a lot of frustration and restlessness to many people around the world. Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye as .Gears game developer Nguyen from pulled it out from the app stores. The game with Nintendo ? style graphics has an interesting story to tell. Read on.

How it Started

The sudden rise and fall of the Flappy Bird have been unacceptable to its fans. Vietnamese game developer Nguyen was overwhelmed by the game?s popularity that it suddenly decided to take it down amidst its fame. Nguyen has also declined interviews from the press. But how did it start exactly?

In November 2012, Nguyen shared an image on Twitter of a game he was working on. It was an image of a little man holding a sword and protecting a little girl from a huge snail, an alien at the top, and an image of the flappy bird behind them. No words about the game was mentioned after that.

In April 2013, the developer shared another image of the new iOS game, Flap Flap. It had an inviting Nintendo ? style graphics, which he only built in two days. After a month without any update, the Flappy Bird suddenly popped out of the scene.

Debut, Fame, and Downfall


The Flappy Bird was first available in App Store and later on in Play Store. It made its debut on May 24, 2013 with Nguyen tweeting his high score and adding the hashtag #flapflap. The game eventually became the App Store?s 1469th most famous Family game. It continued to climb the charts until it ranked eighth in the most downloaded free app in the United States on January.

Nguyen Ha Dong announced February 8 on Twitter that it will take down the game because it was becoming too addictive for users. The developer even received death threats for this decision. Rumor has it that Dong took the game down due to a legal threat from Nintendo. He denied this claim, saying that he did it for its fans.

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