Flappy Bird Returning To The App Store in August: Creator Says It Will Become Multiplayer

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Flappy Bird returns

Vietnamese game creator Dong Nguyen, the one-man team behind DotGears Studios, confirmed that the popular and addictive game Flappy Bird will end its hiatus come August 2014. He announced his plan to revive it via an interview with CNBC?s Kelly Evans on Wednesday. So to those people who had been grateful enough for the removal of the game three months ago due to fears of life-changing game addiction and uncontrollable finger jerks, stop reading now.

Nguyen further mentioned that the game will become multiplayer wherein players will be able to race against other players in real time. He insisted that the game will contain ?less addictive? features which many people interprets as the creator?s way to give back players dozens of hours of their lives to spend with more productive pursuits. Of course, perhaps he may have said that to lessen the attacks he previously received from anonymous Twitter rants that destroyed the simple life he always preferred.

Flappy Bird is a terrifyingly simple but very difficult game. Players only need to tap their phone?s screen to let the inflamed-lip bird to stay afloat and avoid the Supermario-ish pipes ? that is the epitome of the phrase ?easier said than done.? Since the games removal in February, several knock-offs of the game have surfaced, some of those includes a game featuring a tongue-out Miley Cyrus and ?Flappy Bieber.?

Dong Nguyen describes himself as a fan of classic Mario art and retro games. Due to the success of Flappy Bird, he became an overnight tech sensation. Consequently, he had been subjected to the effect of becoming a celebrity such as online bullying and even death threats by angry players. He said he couldn?t stand it. So in spite of speculations that he is making about $ 50,000 daily from in-app banner ads alone, he pulled his famous game out of the App Store and Play Store. Flappy Bird was already downloaded more than 50 million times before it was yanked out.

Nguyen?s announcement has sparked a renewed interest to the game. But avid ?Flappy? players will only get to enjoy the game again three months from now if his statement proves correct. For the mean time, the game creator expressed that he is currently working on a game that involves a man who can jump from building to building.

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