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Flappy Bird No More? Developer Nguyen Dong Tweets Taking Game Down

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The bird that makes everyone furious will now be taken down. The game is now over when developer Nguyen Dong posted on Twitter that he is putting an end to Flappy Bird. This simple but famous time ? wasting game is no longer available at app stores.

?I cannot take this anymore?

Nguyen surprised the fans of Flappy Bird with a Tweet that says he is taking down the game in 22 hours because he cannot take it anymore. People are wondering what this ?it? could be, but it is saddening to learn that the game will no longer be available for download ? both in Google Play and Apple app stores. The developer did not immediately responded to the question tweeted by Game Theory, who reviewed the game last week.

The game Flappy Bird may seem simple and easy but once you launch it on your smartphone or tablet, you will experience the deception of your lifetime. The game is extremely addictive and deceptively hard as the player needs to keep tapping on the screen to help the bird flap its wings through the pipes. It has minimalist graphics and does not offer second chances, which makes it a game that drives people crazy.

Nguyen summarized his thoughts in 140 characters or less on Twitter, revealing his feeling of discomfort from an overnight fame. This includes all the memes, trolling, criticism and scrutiny that go with it.

Grateful ? turned – defensive

The angst of this developer went up to a point where the cheerful tweets became defensive all of a sudden. His Flappy Bird reaching the top of the charts triggered critics to become skeptic about his skills, claiming that he used bots to achieve success. Nguyen?s critics accused him of stealing ideas from other games.

The developer said on Twitter and in interviews that he is focusing on gameplay in a stripped ? down app, rather than on stunning graphics.

Overusage of the Game

Nguyen wrote on his Twitter page Saturday that Flappy Bird?s success is ruining his life, so now he hates it. He also stressed on another tweet that people were overusing the game. Nguyen also said on the social networking site that he only wanted to become an independent game developer.

The game, which has been pulled out from app stores, is not for sale as told by Nguyen.

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