Dong Nguyen, The Man Behind ‘Flappy Bird’ is Considering About Putting The Game Back on App Store

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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was one, if not the weirdest,? phenomenon that ever happened in the history of mobile gaming. It was considered as an overnight success even though it was released some time ago in May 2013. It easily got lost in the mix due to the extremely high volume of apps being released in the App Store every month. Weird though, it resurfaced last February and internet did its magic. It went viral. Way too viral that the programmer himself, Dong Nguyen, thought that it was already doing the people who play it ?harm?. People who play it like it?s their religion. The developer then decided to pull it out from the open.

Many people were pissed WHILE playing the game because of its sheer difficulty, but even more are pissed and some even, suicidal, when Nguyen announced that he will pull out the game from App Store and PlayStore in such a short notice. This caused quite a stir and some people even sent threats to Nguyen which made things worse.

Just as about the Flappy Bird hype is about to die out, Nguyen got an interview from Rolling Stone. Some of the topics were about how he finds his inspiration in developing his games, how he felt about people getting too addicted to his game and why exactly it caused him to shy away from the internet for a while.

?Seeing the game on top, I felt amazing? Nguyen stated. He was really surprised by the steady and the crazy stream of money on his bank account. He did mention in a past interview that he is, indeed, making, more or less, $50,000 a day.

The game was pure success for him, but he had to call it quits with Flappy Bird due to too much pressure which he said, he could not handle. He was even accused of ripping of art from a well-known Nintendo game Super Mario Bros because of the striking resemblance of the green pipes in his game.

Nguyen did not actually stop from producing games and has other games in the works which he actually plans to release this month.? Finally, Rolling Stone asked him about Flappy Bird and what plans he got for it. He did say that he is ?considering? it, but in case he does, he said that he will probably put a disclaimer in the game that will tell the players to ?Take a break every now and then?.

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