Flappy Bird Creator Tweets Teaser Image of Upcoming Game

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Dong Nguyen’s new game

If the news of an impending reincarnation of Flappy Bird is not enough, many ?Flappy? fans will rejoice once they learn that the game?s creator is currently developing a game that can fill the void left by the addictive minimalistic game. Dong Nguyen, the one-man team behind Dot Gears Studio responsible for Flappy Bird, tweeted an image a few days ago showing a screenshot of the game he is working on.

Nguyen captioned the photo with the sentences ?I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.? It shows a humanoid figure with a helmet who appears to be jumping into an opening of a building. The graphics is noticeably in line with the pixilated, old school vibe of his other games like Shuriken Block, Super Ball Juggling, and the famous ?bird game.?

Just a day before he tweeted the image, Nguyen confirmed via an interview with CNBC that he is bringing back Flappy Bird to the App Store and Play Store sometime in August. The new version of the game will also be multiplayer. Nguyen said that he did this so many will be able to play at the same time because it tends to get really boring when playing alone.

It is puzzling for most people why Dong Nguyen took down Flappy Bird back in February at the height of its popularity and with reports that he is raking in about $ 50,000 per day through in-app ads alone. But Nguyen later explained that he did it because a lot of people got terribly hooked to the game due to its addictive nature. It made a lot of people unproductive and obviously managed to have the time to send him plenty of death threats and abusive online remarks. He also expressed that he couldn?t live his simple and comfortable life like before.

Because Flappy Bird is poised to return in August, this ?building jumper? game is heavily speculated to be released weeks before the scheduled August re-launch of the Flappy game. Moreover, Nguyen confirmed via another tweet that a recent app made available in the App Store called ?Flappy Bird: New Season? is not made by him.


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