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Fixed: The App That ?Fixes? Parking Tickets To Go Away!

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Fixed: The App That ?Fixes? Parking Tickets To Go Away!


We have often heard it said that apps are the way of the future. That apps will basically provide all the essential things we need, including providing us with the means to acquire our basic human requirements ( think food, water, entertainment, religion etc…).

More and more however, we encounter apps that are so specific in its purpose that we cannot help but be amazed on how it has encroached into our daily lives.

Think of traffic parking tickets for example.

Parking tickets that are often issued to motorists are an accepted nuisance and difficulty, especially if we feel that it is underserved.

More often, they get ignored until it becomes a legal problem that we have to deal with.

We often wish that there were easier ways to handle parking tickets , from having the correct and inexpensive legal advice, to actually challenging these ?accusations? in a court of law.

Well, we now have an app for that! And it is aptly (pun intended) named ?Fixed?.


Fixed is an app that makes parking tickets disappear like magic (well, at least deal with it easily and make it go away as quickly as possible).

Fixed helps the user take a picture of their parking ticket and easily have them examined and challenged in a court of law (traffic court) by an expert legal team.

This app concept is not really that new considering other apps that enable users to outsource these annoying tasks like PaperKarma (which helps us identify junk mail and helps us unsubscribe from these subscriptions).

Fixed works with the same idea and assists the user by handling the tedious task of examining the parking ticket as well as doing the legal leg work.

David Hegarty, a co-founder of the SF Municipal Transportation Agency, a service company based in San Francisco, says that there are ? 1000 different parking rules [that] are horrifically hard to understand? which results into so many parking tickets that are mistakenly issued by parking officials that are pressured to issue these tickets.?

Hegarty adds that around 50% of those who challenge these tickets are able to have them waived or dismissed but most individuals don’t have the time or the knowledge on how to go about challenging these parking tickets.

With the Fixed app, a picture of the ticket is easily uploaded together with notes on why the user feels that the ticket needs to be challenged. The app then makes an automatic calculation on the odds of getting the ticket waived and the Fixed team gets to work on the matter. If the Fixed team successfully beats the ticket, the user pays 25% of the ticket fine amount to the Fixed agency.

If the Fixed team is unsuccessful, then the user has to pay the fine but they don’t lose anything more by trying to have it ?Fixed?.

The Fixed service is only available in San Francisco at the moment.

Will other cities come next? Will Fixed offer this concept through a franchise system?


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