Five Video Games that Should Be Movies

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Let us all agree on this one: some games are too good to just be played. They should be seen on the big screen, admired by many people, because of their amazing plot, incredible effects and admirable characters. We all had that one gaming experience where we were able to say, “Man! What a game! Wish everyone could know and discover how great this game is.”

I know you have your own list of games you want to watch for two hours. I do, too. Here’s mine.

  1. The Last of Us

    It is the The Walking Dead of video games.This game is your zombie survival horror movie played on consoles. Naughty Dog gave us a wonderful gift that may pass as game of the year and game of the console generation (yep, it is that good).TheLastOfUsI will not even sugarcoat this – this game is a masterpiece. Everything about it is perfect – the atmosphere, the environments, the characters and the gameplay. All the years they spent fine tuning and developing it from their studio was worth it.


  2. Bioshock Infinitebioshock_infinite_2The story basically is just this: it is about a guy rescuing a girl. And we all know that that is the type of stories Hollywood producers would love to commercialize. But because this video game’s setting is truly special, it would definitely sell, if given the chance. It could also be a film franchise because of all the prequels and sequels. It is a modern take on a love story and people would love to see that.
  3. Grand Theft AutoDo not deny it. You would watch it if this was made into a movie. I know I definitely would.imagesGTA would not be a boring film. It has dynamic characters, enjoyable heists and a crazy plot – things that both viewers and producers would love in a movie. Just imagine how much money this is going to make. It could be a great crime movie, or it could be just one of those laugh-out-loud movies.
  4. Rayman LegendsThis game could be a Disney movie – intentionally made for children, but could cater to adult viewers, too.20120816071747!Rayman_Legends_Box_ArtMagic, princesses and adventure – these are the best features of this game that would make this a good movie.
  5. Fire Emblem Awakening
    The story focuses on the trials of Chrom, the prince of the Halidom of Ylisse, and his companions during a turbulent era. It is a game of adventure, family ties, nation building and heroism. Reviewer of video games, Audrey Drake, gave the game a positive review. She praised the game’s increased accessibility and enormous depth, calling it “the best 3DS game since?Super Mario 3D Land.” If reviews are raving about it, then I bet film producers would even be more impressed with this game.Fire_Emblem_Awakening_US_Boxart

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