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Five Tips and Tricks in Playing The Division

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Following the release of the much awaited The Division, a lot of players couldn?t help but get their first-hand shooter experience. But even before being mesmerized by the virtual side of New York City, here are a few tips to get your game started.

  1. ?? Never Go On Your Own. Since the game is relatively a multiplayer experience, going alone on the field may not be the best advice. According to the Forbes, the missions are quite tricky even during the initial stage. Grabbing a companion won?t be that hard anyways. Forbes? review says you?ll get yourself in a squad no sweat, and once you belong to a team, spreading out a little far from each other plus successfully knocking down an opponent will surely give you a win.

  1. ?? Don?t Wander Around Just Because You Like It. The Division has a reputation of putting hard punishments on those who just wander around the arena. Covers can be useful when you fairly know how to take advantage of it against your enemies.

  1. ?? Do Not Waste Your Talents and Perks. advises that the three-wing base of operations, namely, talents, skills and perks, should be utilized quickly. However, it cautioned to use them wisely. For instance, during the early game, its review prefers to unlock perks to gain extra cash and cash boosts.

  1. ?? Look Up. While many attempt to just scan from left to right, The Division is a vertical game and you?d be surprised with the number of ladders, ropes, and ledges that surround. Remember: height is a huge advantage as it allows you to shoot at covering foes and protecting your teammates on the ground at the same time.

  1. ?? Always Use Tactics. If you think you can easily get away with your enemies and win the game by merely running and shooting everything and everyone you see, then that is totally a no-no. reveals that you need to flank enemies and always take calculated risks. The review further advised the team to attack bosses from two sides as early stages usually deal with tanks, which usually runs slowly either forwards or backwards.

And lastly, always keep a Plan B or an escape route as things may get pretty worse when playing missions that are higher than your level.

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