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Five Nights at Freddy?s: Sister Location Not Really Cancelled?

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Five Nights at Freddy?s: Sister Location may have been cancelled as announced by the game?s creator, Scott Cawthon. A lot of fans were shocked and other expert gamers stated that it may just be a simple teaser and there isn?t any truth in it.

The game had a number of updates that cover location and role of the players in the game. And, voice acting clips have been found. Rumors suggest that the animatronics? voices will have a personality, something that could warn the players?if they get near enough to the players.

Five Nights at Freddy?s: Sister Location was flagged as cancelled on August 20. It was first noticed by the fans. A caption also appeared stating ?Due to the leaks.? Everyone who took the liberty to visit the site will immediately think that the game is ruined because of the said leaks.

However, other fans aren?t buying the announcement and have come up with a conspiracy-like meaning of it as they believe that there is more than what people can see. While the said leaks are proven true, the fans aren?t going to believe that it will be the reason for the cancellation of the upcoming game that has a huge number of followers.

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Despite the issue, Five Nights at Freddy?s release is still on. The statement that Cawthon released has a different meaning anyway. An image editor was used to discover and decipher the image, and a fictional story about the ?Sister Location? was found and revealed.

The full article about the hidden ?Cancelled? message was posted on the Steam Community. Fans were also able to complete a phrase using the said image which says ?Apparently, gas leaks in the building caused the cancellation of the Grand Opening of Circus Baby?s Pizza.?

The leak and cancellation referred to the gas leak after all. It has been confirmed that Circus Baby?s Pizza World will be the new place of the game. Five Night?s at Freddy?s: Sister Location is still on!

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