Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location: Purple Guy Is The Main Character?

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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location


Recently, known Five Nights at Freddy?s YouTubers discussed Scott Cawthon?s released content for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location. Cawthon?s reveals on Sister Location may have a connection to the FNaF novel, and the possibility of the FNaF?s main antagonist ?Purple Guy? as the next player character in the game have been discussed. Here?s the video of the discussion from Razzbowski.

As seen in the video, Razzbowski, Dawko, 8BitRyan and the ?other Ryan?(Bazamalam) talked about Cawthon?s revealed content for Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location. So far, they think that the upcoming Sister Location?s protagonist could be the ?Purple Guy? due to his knowledge of the facility and the way he travels through vents to avoid the animatronics.

Additionally, the Five Nights at Freddy?s Silver Eyes novel character, William Afton, was somehow mentioned in the source code. It lists a certain ?AftnROBTCS? or Afton Robotics doing the maintenance for the Sister Location animatronics.

Besides being the suspected killer, Purple Man is also portrayed as an inside job operator as he has access to the Five Nights at Freddy?s Pizzerias and uses the premises for his murders. The frantic first-verson view crawl through the vents on Sister Location somehow implies that the character knows the facility well. The four YouTubers agreed that Sister Location will be Purple Guy?s personal animatronic hell and that he?ll be the main protagonist in the upcoming game.

Meanwhile, William Afton, also known as Dave Miller, is a ?mechanical genius? and the main antagonist in the Silver Eyes novel. Afton dies in the end of the novel and is rumored to have become the ?Springtrap? animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy?s 3. Given the ?Afton Robotics? on the Scottgames source code, it?s possible that Afton is still alive in this game and doing his day job of maintaining the animatronics before he committed the murders.

Additionally, the inclusion of voice acting may allow expansive dialogue in the upcoming game. The four YouTubers also discussed the chances of the game having branching dialogue paths and multiple endings.

However, we?ve yet to confirm the full cast of the upcoming game as the nature of the Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location animatronics is implied to be murderous and vicious. Having more animatronics than NPC character may mean a barrage of monologues and soliloquies from the Sister Location robots than an exchange of dialogue between the player character and the animatronics. We?ll have to wait for Cawthon?s next update for more clarification on the upcoming game?s content.

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