Five Nights at Freddy’s Sister Location: New Teaser Hints Flashlight and Camera Mechanic? Four Figures Shown

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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

Recently, the Scottgames site changed its ?Bidybab? teaser to the seemingly minimalist ?Get back on your stage. NOW? teaser. Similar to previous Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location teasers, brightening the image reveals more content in the banner.

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As seen on the ScottGames site, the banner only shows a lone panel and a quote saying, ?Get back on your stage. NOW.? It?s possible that the panel may control the animatronics. Alternatively, the ?Sun? and ?Lightning Bolt? may be brightness and energy icons usually found on handheld devices such as flashlights or cameras. It?s possible that the main character of Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location has a flashlight or camera similar to that in Blue Isle Studios? Slender the Arrival or Red Barrels Studios? Outlast.

Alternatively, when the image is brightened, four figures in the distance can be seen in a circular arc. The four figures have bizarre heads. The number of these figures can easily be alluded to the four main animatronics of the game, though it may mean something else. More than sci-fi horror with murderous robots, the imagery shifts slightly to occult horror due to the lack of any robotic features in the reveal.

Previously, fans speculated the ?Minireena? reveal after the ?Bidybab? reveal. With the lack of recognizable characters in this recent teaser, only Minireena is left unrevealed among the Sister Location animatronics. However, it?s also possible that ?Minireena? doesn?t have a unique appearance or isn?t actually an animatronic. This further obscures Sister Location?s release date as this reveal breaks the character reveal pattern. Additionally, Scott Cawthon refuses to release the game early and will only do so when it?s actually ready. It will not be rushed and will receive more updates like FNaF World.

More than the usual pizzeria setting, Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location may also feature the ?factory? setting, based on this recent reveal. The Sister Location trailer showed more factory panels than a restaurant in the game. Fans have speculated that the game may be set in a factory rather than a restaurant.

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