Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location: New Animatronic ?Ennard? To Be Featured In Next FNaF Trailer?

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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

Recently, Five Nights at Freddy?s creator Scott Cawthon revealed yet another character for the upcoming game. The new content shows an animatronic with robotic appendages which fans speculate as ?Ennard? because his design is similar to ?Mangle.? Here?s what we know so far about the new reveal on Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location.

As seen on the Scottgames site, the ?Baby? poster has been replaced with a new character in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location. This new character hasn?t been revealed in the previous Sister Location trailer and is designed entirely different from the ballerina animatronic due to its red nose. The poster has the tagline, ?There?s a little of me in every body,? which heavily implies the ?Ennard? name of the animatronic, but we?ll still have to wait for an official confirmation from Cawthon.

Cawthon?s update about ?Ennard? probably teases another Sister Location trailer that may be coming soon. The first Sister Location trailer came up after the ?Baby? animatronic went up on the ScottGames site. Additionally, the ?1? at the end of the last trailer may imply that another one or more trailer is coming up for the game.

Curiously, Cawthon may have shifted the horror in this entry toward the unsettling aspect of his animatronics. Adding to Cawthon?s usual trick of uncanny and innocent-looking animatronics, the ?Ennard? animatronic possibly implies the story?s inclination toward Lovecraftian horror. The tentacle wirings seen on the new animatronic somehow implies an imagery of ?Cthulhu,? a famous Lovecraftian horror creature symbolizing inevitable and unpreventable dread.

Additionally, this new animatronic shares the ?broken? design with previous animatronics such as the versions of the ?Mangle.? This allows the new animatronic to connect with the prevailing themes of the previous games. Despite the thematic connections of its character designs to the previous games, the roles and significance of the Sister Location?s animatronics still aren?t confirmed, but a step away from the usual jumpscares may be a step closer in reinventing the horror aspect in this series. Previously, Cawthon took up the challenge of scaring his fans once more, and this might be the sign of his attempts.

Cawthon may have released the new content a few days after one of gaming?s huge events, E3 2016. With Cawthon?s absence on the said event, his fans may have not noticed the new Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location teaser. Cawthon?s game didn?t show up on E3?s Indiecade, a showcase of games from independent developers, which somehow confirms his preventive measures when it comes to game leaks. Perhaps we can see more updates from Cawthon himself in the coming weeks and months.

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