Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location: All Animatronics’ Schedule Revealed In Source Code

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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

Other than the new Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location animatronic reveal on the Scottgames site, the page?s source code also holds content about the upcoming game. Fans were able to find some sort of schedule that might be linked to the use of the animatronics as rentable party mascots. Here?s a video from Razzbowski discussing the discovered schedule.

As seen on Razzbowski?s video and the Scottgames page source, there?s a weekly schedule for each previously revealed animatronic. Four schedules were allotted for ?01BBY,? ?02BAL,? ?03FTF,? and ?04FTF,? which possibly refer to the four revealed animatronics in the last trailer.

This info cannot be seen on the regular web page as the new animatronic image covers most of it.

Fans on Reddit were able to put this schedule in an ordered timetable, revealing a format of what seems like a mascot rental service logbook. As seen in the timetable, Ballora and one Funtime animatronic may be more popular than Baby as they?re booked for a full week. As Razzbowski points out, this renting schedule confirms that the animatronics actually work outside the establishment and possibly extend their horror elsewhere.

The rental schedules also change up the gameplay as some animatronics might be absent on certain days, which further obscures the setting of the upcoming game. Currently, Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location is speculated to be an improvement of the old ?sit and survive? gameplay into a first-person adventure game where players get to explore, as seen in some short clips of the trailer.

However, the new animatronic may not be included in the revealed schedule due to its broken appearance. ?Ennard,? as fans call the broken animatronic, has wirings that look like tentacles. Because it looks defective, it may not be made available for rent. Due to the speculated rental use of the animatronics in the upcoming game, it?s possible that ?Ennard? will not have the same role as Mangle, but it will still be similar to Foxy when it comes to being the agile threat to the player.

Due to the ?Ennard? reveal, Cawthon may release a trailer about the animatronic soon as very little information has been revealed about it.

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