Five Nights At Freddy’s News: New FNaF Amusement Park Ride!

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While a Five Night’s at Freddy’s restaurant isn’t likely, it seems like an amusement park ride is in the works. The hit horror game continues to build its fan base, thanks to the complex mythology of the series. Now it has cemented its place in history, as there are very few rides, let alone parks, based on video games.

Given the amount of creepy mascots in the game, there should be enough to creep out fans in an amusement park ride. Currently, there are four games and two spinoff titles, each one having a number of new creepy mascots. It will be interesting to see how fans that don’t play video games react to the park, as the game has been very popular among YouTube viewers.

Ride To Hell

According to Attractions Management, the Five Nights at Freddy’s ride will have plenty of appeal. Not only will it use actual animatronics based on the terrifying enemies, but there will also be immersive sets and video projection for up to six people. If they pull this off well, this could be one of the most immersive experiences of the series.

There could be some trouble though. One of the biggest appeals of the series has been going at it alone and surviving. Making it a park ride could be difficult, but not impossible. Basically, the engineers need to familiarize themselves with the series and combine that with their knowledge of amusement park rides. Should they pull it off, this will be the best of both worlds.

Five Nights For Everyone

With a Five Nights at Freddy’s film coming out soon, there seems to be no pit stops or roadblocks for the series’ success. Sister Location, a spinoff from the main series, recently came out to positive fan reaction. There is even a book?based on the popular game series, showing how much interest it has garnered.

All of the Five Nights at Freddy’s games, with the exception of FNaF World, are currently available on Steam. The amusement park ride still has no release date, but fans should find out when they can venture to Freddy’s soon enough. ?

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