Five Nights At Freddy’s News: FNaF World Update 2 Release Soon? Scott Cawthon Confirms New Game?

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Five Nights At Freddy's News

Scott Cawthon has revealed in a Steam post that FNaF World?s Update 2 is still in development, but he didn?t mention a release date. According to the same Steam post, Cawthon is currently working on three projects. Could he be cooking up another Five Nights at Freddy?s game?

The Update 2 discussion on Five Nights at Freddy?s Reddit states that the three projects could be the rumored book sequel, the FNaF movie in the works, FNaF World?s Update 2, or the mystery content from ScottGames site teaser. We technically have four contents coming from Cawthon, and it fits Cawthon?s announcement if we remove the book rumor from the equation.

Cawthon?s announcement was just a heads up for fans to let them know that he?s still working on the FNaF World content, but he didn?t drop details on the three upcoming Five Nights at Freddy?s projects. The announcement is vague and leaves a lot of room for speculations.

FNaF World?s Update 2 has been rumored to include extra playable characters. In our previous article, we have expressed our worry that FNaF World will not hold out if it will only come out with new characters. Considering that Cawthon is taking his time in making Update 2, he might have much more than new party members from recycled boss assets.

In other news, another line has turned into an ?I? in Cawthon?s teaser. If the image is brightened, a lone letter ?A? can be found between the upper part of the 11th and 12th lines. The previous letter ?N? has disappeared from the image, but the first letter ?I? has remained on the 14th line. Currently, the ScottGames site teaser is still vague that we still cannot determine the future content Cawthon is hinting at. Due to lack of concrete clues regarding Five Nights at Freddy?s, it?s possible that the teaser could be referring to a game outside the FNaF universe.

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