Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Possibly Based on FNaF Game Trilogy

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Five Nights At Freddy's Movie

Recently, fans talked about a copyright document that may hold info about the Five Nights at Freddy?s movie. The document contained info that the first three Five Nights at Freddy?s entries could be used for a movie trilogy. Here?s what we know so far about the Five Nights at Freddy?s movie from this document.

Copyright Document Clues

According to MichaelO2000?s thread on the Five Nights at Freddy?s?subreddit, a copyright document lists ?2 other titles? along with the Scott Cawthon and Warner Brothers Pictures deal. The list of titles place the Five Nights at Freddy?s 2 and 3 as the other titles going to be used in the movie. At best, Warner Bros might be aiming for a movie trilogy with Five Nights at Freddy?s series if they?re going to use the three games.

Movie Trilogy?

Since three consecutive titles have been listed in the copyright document, it?s possible that Warner Bros?is aiming for a movie trilogy. However, all three games barely have subtle connections with each other and share no recurring characters. Each animatronic is regarded as its own character due to the lore of using children?s souls to give the animatronic its own consciousness. Potentially, we can also see a Five Nights at Freddy?s movie involving these three games to make one big film. We?ll have to wait what Gil Kenan is planning with the series first.

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Development Hell?

In the previous year, information about the production of the ?Five Nights at Freddy?s movie was scarce. Five Nights at Freddy?s creator Scott Cawthon admitted that he was also waiting for information about the movie. Currently, nobody not ?even the creator himself knows about the state of the movie?s development. Neither word of update nor cancellation have officially surfaced about the movie. More than worrying about Five Nights at Freddy?s series having a trilogy, the first movie needs to come out first.

Currently, Cawthon has also gone silent after the release of the Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location DLC. If no official updates come out this 2017, the Five Nights at Freddy?s movie might lose its popularity before it even airs in cinemas, similar to what hapened with the?Angry Birds movie.

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