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Five Nights at Freddy?s: Sister Location – Official Website Suggests Game Cancelled; Fake News To Build Hype?

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There had been some sort of deep investigation about the conspiracy of the upcoming game, Five Nights at Freddy?s: Sister Location. A highly anticipated indie game made by Scott Cawthon. It is apparent that the upcoming game is really cancelled based on the game?s official website.

However, it could also be a trick in order to bring more hype and interest to his game. He may be planning on some unexpected revelations about his creation. If someone tried to enter Scott Game?s website, they will see an announcement which says Cancelled, along with an explanation why.

Five Nights at Freddy?s Sister Location was cancelled, caused by the alleged leaks. However, rumors suggest that the announcement was referring to something else that only the developer knows.

It seems like Cawthon is measuring the fans if they could unfold the mystery themselves.

It is apparent that the game?s creator is an internet troll and this cancellation may be one of his masterpiece. Fans came up with an idea because of the past behaviors of the game developer namely, a troll.

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On the other hand, the game?s official page located on Steam Store is still available. It doesn?t indicate or show any signs of cancellation. It would be confirmed that the game is really cancelled if Steam had announced it too.

There had been?multiple discussions about the game, and it revealed that there?s a hidden message that is located somewhere in the opening of the website. It was in fact, a Gas Leak in the building where the game is set to take place, Circus Baby?s Pizza World.

Up until now, no one is able to acquire a confirmation if the game is really cancelled. However, the fans of the game said that the reason for the cancellation is invalid.

Was it really the building leak that Scott Games is referring to? Is Five Nights at Freddy?s: Sister Location really cancelled?


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