Five Nights at Freddy?s Movie To Use Real Animatronics

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Five Nights at Freddy?s (FNAF) movie foregoes computer-generated imagery (CGI) as it strives to bring your nightmares to life with?real animatronics.

Newly announced Poltergeist and Monster House Director Gil Kennan has just revealed on Twitter that they will be using 100% animatronics to retain the animals? ?unnerving? looks.

?I want to be crazy practical that?s what makes animatronics so unnerving- they?re REAL,? Kennan said.


The animatronics will be constructed at the Henson Creature Shop, Kenan said, as they attempt for realism and practicality.

Animatronics has long been used for Hollywood, NerdReactor reported, but recent films have now opted for CGI due to the limitations of animatronics. Movies that used animatronics are the original Jurassic Park films, Aliens, and E.T.

Using animatronics is a good fit for the movie as stiff and robotic movements are a natural fit for the characters. If they can pull-off in making the animatronics walk slowly towards viewers of the film, it would surely look terrifying, especially in 3D.

Gil Kennan said they will be remaining true to the lore and says the Five Nights at Freddy’s?movie will be canon to the franchise. Kenan however says that the FNAF movie will also be exploring its own lore as it gives ?a story we?ve never seen before?.

?The story is what makes me most excited about this one? the mythology runs deep, and is truly scary,? he said.

If you?re afraid of the Five Nights at Freddy’s?movie from ruining the game’s intricate lore, don?t fret as Kenan says he is heavily working with FNAF Creator Scott Cawthon in making the movie. ?I made him a promise at the start of this that I want him to be involved in a real way. Scott IS fnaf,? he said. ?The lore of the game is the movie?s fuel. I?m making this film for ALL the FNAF fans, not just kids.

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