Five Essential Tools to Monitor Your Computer

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Are you taking care of your computer? And no, I?m not talking about installing anti-viruses. You should also know how to ensure your PC parts are in good shape. And the best way to do that is by constantly monitoring your hardware. Here are some (personal) easy-to-use tools to monitor your computer.

Core Temp

What it does?

From its name, Core Temp is a small but powerful program that monitors the temperature of the cores of your processor. It works on almost any processor from AMD, Intel, and VIA. Aside from temperature, you can also view some basic information on your processor and motherboard. And the best part is that you don?t even need to install it! Simply click on the program and it immediately runs quietly on the background and all you have to look at is your taskbar.

Why do you need it?

Regardless if you?re overclocking or not, knowing the temperature of your processor is vital. Simply by playing games or opening many applications at a time, the temperature of your CPU is already going up. It?s always best to know if your computer is going hot or not.

Download here: Core Temp

All CPU Meter

What it does?

The All CPU Meter is unique compared to all other tools in this list because it is a widget that runs on your desktop. Like all other widgets/gadgets, it is lightweight and runs quietly in your background. This tool is related to the previous one as this also monitors CPU activity. Though unlike Core Temp, this measures your CPU and RAM usage. It?s available on Windows Vista and later versions.

Why do you need it?

If you like having multiple programs opened all at once, then this is a must-have tool. All you have to do is check the All CPU Meter widget in your desktop and see if you need to close some programs due to high CPU and RAM usage.

Download here: All CPU Meter Gadget


What it does?

The CPU-Z and GPU-Z are simple programs that gather information about your CPU and GPU. These programs give you a lot of basic information about your hardware such as core clock speeds, voltages, and specific hardware information.

Why do you need it?

These tools are necessary for overclockers, though I would still suggest these for casual users. You can easily know ?the information about your CPU and GPU in just a click.

Download here: CPU-Z, GPU-Z

EVGA Precision GPU Tool

What it does?

This program from EVGA allows you to monitor your GPU. Though there are a lot of other similar tools like this one, this one?s really easy to use. This tool allows you to tweak the core, shader, and memory clocks, as well as the fan speed of your GPU. And most importantly, you can view the temperature of your GPU in your taskbar.

Why do you need it?

Especially for gamers, this one allows you to monitor the temperature of your graphics card. You can also opt to overclock your GPU to improve game performance, although I wouldn?t advise it for beginners.

Download here: EVGA


What it does?

Lavalys? Everest is the ultimate diagnostics tool. Using this tool, you can look up almost anything from your computer. This includes every detail you need to know from your installed applications, OS, devices, and hardware. It also has a benchmarking tool for the RAM and CPU.

Why do you need it?

Everything you need to know about your computer, you can find here in this program. Though this is undeniably for advanced users, having all your PC information in one program is always a good thing.

Download here: Everest via Filehippo

Image Source: ALCPU

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