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Five Best Ways to Greet Your Online Friends During Their Birthday

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Let?s make this short and simple: how do you want your greeting to be remembered by a person celebrating a birthday? Do you want it to be read and forgotten at once because it was just a one-liner, regular ?happy birthday? greeting? Or do you want that person to shout at the effort you put into your wonderful work?

Be the thoughtful online friend everybody loves. Use these alternatives to the boring one-liner.


  • Create a meme.

If you are a natural comedian, this could work for you. Get a photo (better if it?s a hilarious one) of the celebrator and add some funny words into it. Get inspiration from the trending photos you often see on 9Gag. You can also get famous lines from movies, books and TV shows. This is not only a funny way to remember someone on their birthday; you might get famous one day for your brains, too. Greet me on Ellen, okay?


  • Say it through a video.

You could make the video really simple or really complex ? depends on your skills. There are a lot of video editing softwares available online; just choose the one that fits your preference. You could just compile all your photos together with the people closest to the heart of the celebrator and add in some cheesy messages. If you want to go the extra mile, shoot footages of people greeting the celebrator a happy birthday. You?re sure to get extra hugs and kisses for the effort, too.

jpb's birthday video screenshot - 2010

  • Shop online for them.

If you have the cash, why not shop for them? There are so many shops online that offers free delivery, right on the day of your friend?s birthday. You can even send a Starbucks coffee for that person if you wanted to, just arrange the time and date online. It saves you the hassle of going to physical stores and looking for gifts, too. The celebrator will, of course, get excited over the thought of people sending gifts to them right to their home.


  • Make a surprise birthday fan page.

This works best for couples. Why not make a page with all the good things that will make him/her happy? Make the celebrator?s friends and relatives post on the page. The posts could be videos, photos, and textual content. You can even add in an e-card! Have the celebrator read all the posts by the end of the day.


  • Send the celebrator a private message.

This never goes out of style. Nothing beats sincere, heartwarming messages from people who matter most to you during your special day. Make the celebrator feel that distance is not a hindrance to make a person feel loved.


These tips are sure to bring a smile to any person?s face. Just put in the right amount of imagination and creativity and your friends will surely like whatever you have in store for their birthday.


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