Five Apps to Follow the Olympics

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The wait is finally over for the 2014 Winter Olympics, kickstarting the epic 21 ? day event on Friday?s opening ceremony. This means people will start sticking their eyes and ears on TV round ? the ? clock for news coverage of the said event. With 15 events spead out in the three ? week period, there is no way that an average joe can keep up with the latest updates. This is why we are giving you five apps that you can use to follow the Olympics.


Olympic Athletes’ Hub

The Olympic Athletes? Hub gets the latest news on the past and present Olympians from their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can filter the feeds according to your preference, such as by team, sport or individual athlete. You can also see the latest trending Olympic topics on Twitter. All of these can be shared to your social media accounts using your Android or iOS smartphone.

NBC Sports Live Extra

You can watch your favorite events, including highlights and replays, on this live ? stream app. However, the live video is only limited to cable subscribers in the U.S. All users may watch event highlights and sign ? up for push notifications for Olympic updates. The NBC Sports Live Extra is available for Android, WP 8 and Android.

NBC Olympics Highlights

The NBC Olympics Highlights app gives the latest updates straight from Sochi. It provides behind ? the ? scene footage, event recaps, standings, in ? depth news, results, schedules, and everything that?s related to the 2014 Olympics. You can also customize your news notifications for better viewing. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Sochi Results

Receive live updates from your favorite athletes, sports and country from every medal ceremony and competitions. The Sochi Results app also gives you the Olympic history, the latest news, photo galleries, and event highlights on video. You can even purchase Olympic souvenirs! The app is available for WP8, iOS and Android.

Sochi 2014 Guide

The Sochi 2014 Guide app is perfect for those who were lucky enough to attend the games. This app lets you have all the information you need to maximize your stay. It has the latest news, last minute ticket sales, photos, and detailed maps of the Olympic Park. The app is available for WP 8, Android and iOS.

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