Fitness-Tracking Wearable Technology To Finally Come To Windows Phones, Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 Confirmed

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Fitbit for Wndows Phone set to arrive soon

At present, you usually need an Android or iOS device if you want to enjoy the perks provided by wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers since these are not supported by Windows Phones. But the two major mobile platforms are about to be challenged as Fitbit for Windows Phone is slated to arrive soon.

The company behind Fibit has verified that it is currently working on a Windows Phone 8.1 app that will enable their health trackers to pair with devices running in the said OS. The announcement came via a brief statement by a Fitbit representative saying that ?Fitbit is developing an application for Windows Phone 8.1.? The fitness tracker brand is already being supported on both Android and iOS platforms. With the impending Windows Phone support, Microsoft?s dream of saturating the wearable technology market is about to be realized.

Wearable device makers have a handful of reasons for not developing Windows Phone-compatible peripherals. Some of those include the relative lack of potential customers, developments costs, and some are weighed down by the way Microsoft uses their Bluetooth connectivity in Windows Phones.

Nonetheless, the American technology company has already addressed most of those issues with the release of their latest Windows Phone 8.1 OS. With this, they are hoping that Fitbit for Windows Phone along with other companies may now commit to making fitness devices and apps compatible for their handset models.

The new Fitbit One health tracker

The new Fitbit One health tracker

The market for smart wearable devices is still small, but it is steadily growing. Fitbit is one of the largest players in the said turf. With the launch of ?Fitbit One,? the company is hoping to get a bigger slice of the ?wearable device cake.? The new model, along with the existing Fitbit Flex and Fitbit Force, all require Bluetooth syncing. The upcoming Fitbit for Windows Phone app is expected to transmit data from the tracker toward the handset smoothly.

It has been a ground-breaking month for Microsoft, with their highly-anticipated 8.1 OS update lined up for roll out in a few weeks and their virtual assistant ?Cortana? app slated to compete with Google Now and Siri. Microsoft is optimistic that Fitbit for Windows Phone will provide the necessary trigger to fuel other tech companies? efforts to develop more devices and software that will support their Windows Phone line.


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