Fitness Apps to Help You Get in Shape this 2014

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Hot5-Fitness-iPhone-AppIt is that time of the year again to make resolutions. Most of these resolutions are most probably about weight. After gaining some calories over the holidays, people find it more difficult than ever to lose weight. ?If you are one of those people who want to lose some extra calories, here are some applications you can download on your phone to help you out with your dilemma:




This is an application that contains free high intensity video workouts with personal trainers. These trainers each teach workouts that focus on different parts of the body. For example, Jayme focuses on full body cardio while Jennifer?s exercises are for weight-loss. You can also save your favorite workouts so you can view them even when you?re away from home or offline. Calories before and after workouts are tracked using this application so you can see how much progress you?re making.


2. ?Pact


The mechanics of this app is really simple: ?Earn cash for living healthy, paid by members who don?t.?

Each week, you get to set goals. Each time you don?t do them, you have to pay a corresponding amount (which you will also set yourself). Let?s say, you pledge to pay 10 dollars if you fail to eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables. When you do your goals, you earn some cash for yourself! These ?pacts? are approved and monitored by the Pact community to motivate users into exercising more and eating healthier.


?3. RunKeeper


This app is for the person who likes cycling, running and walking.

It can track runs, hikes, walks, bike rides and more using GPS. The user will receive stats, progress and coaching through the headphones with built-in audio cues. ?It can also measure heart rates with the use of its available sensors. Motivation to do more is even more possible with this app as it tells you when you?ve beaten your personal best. Your friends may also watch live maps of your workouts when you subscribe to the elite version of this app.


?4.?Charity Miles


Charity Miles is not your average workout app. This app allows the user to choose a charity and earn money and raise awareness for it. As the user walks, runs or bikes, the app will measure the distance and automatically convert it into money that will be donated to the chosen charity. The amount generated starts at 10cents per mile for bikers and 25 cents per mile for walkers and runners.


?5. Fitocracy


Fitocracy motivates the user to exercise more through interaction and competition with other ?fitocrats? across the globe. It tracks your workouts, earn points and unlock achievements which will eventually lead to level ups and get you praises from other users. This app makes exercises more fun with the help of some healthy competition.



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