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This fitness app uses smart boxing gloves to make workouts more fun

They also have a smart strength ball.

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Check out DribbleUp, an app with fun and engaging workouts:

  • replicate a boxing experience at your home
  • attend live smart boxing classes with pro trainers
  • a smart strength ball is also available

I have tried every at-home fitness workout. This one is fun!

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Rejoice, cardio lovers and fitness enthusiasts! We have discovered the perfect workout routine for you! If you are looking to move your body and exercise more intensely and diligently this 2022, check out DribbleUp, a smart mobile fitness app where you can try out different workout routines, all from the comfort of your home. If fitness boxing or kickboxing is your preferred cardio workout of choice, try out smart boxing by DribbleUp.

Smart boxing allows you to replicate a real boxing experience at home.

DribbleUp has Smart Boxing Gloves which allow you to workout remotely, but still with the same effectiveness as a face-to-face boxing gym. DribbleUp’s smart boxing features connected boxing workouts, which combines AI technology from the mobile fitness app and the smart boxing gloves of DribbleUp. With these boxing gloves, you’ll be able to track the number of punches you land, as well as how effective these punches are. You can also monitor and document your progress through their point system.

Attend live smart boxing classes with pro trainers.

DribbleUp has multiple classes for you to choose from, depending on your level, experience, expertise, and preferred level of difficulty. With live classes, you are able to have that level of accountability as you attend classes with other people with pro trainers so that you can also feel a sense of community just like in a real gym!

If you’re looking for a new hobby or activity that is good for your physical health, try out DribbleUp’s smart boxing so that you stay active every day! They also have a smart strength ball for other types of workouts.

$74.99 $149.99

Get 50% off now