First Student-made PS4 Game Launched In PlayStation Store

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Sony has been well known to be very supportive of indie games, and it seems that students were also given an opportunity to self-publish their own game with the release of Piecefall on PS4 today. As part of Sony?s PlayStation First Academic Development Programme which provides learners hands-on on development hardware for teaching purposes, Piecefall marks the first student-made-game for the PS4.

?This is the first game in the world to be released for the PlayStation 4 made entirely by a team of undergraduate students, so it?s a real achievement for the team,? said Studio Manager Dr. Jake Habgood.

Piecefall seems to be heavily inspired by Tetris as the game requires users to fill holes on the ground with blocks of different dimensions and must wisely rotate and determine where to put them.The game was made by Steel Minions, a Sheffield Hallam University-based studio. They are currently selling digital copies of Piecefall on the European PlayStation Store for only ?0.99.

?The students work on studio projects as part of their assessment, but they have plenty of other assignments to do, so it takes us a bit longer to complete games than the average studio,? said Habgood in a report.

Piecefall Programmer Steve Hartin said Sony has gone strides to simplify the development process for the PS4. ?It?s ensured that integration with all the development tools is seamless; programming for consoles has never been easier. I cannot emphasize the effort that Sony has gone to this generation to make our lives as developers as simple as possible,? Hartin told PSU.

Habgood said the students were able to use Sony?s in-house engine which was used on games like Journey. ?It?s obviously a lot more powerful than our own engine, and consequently is harder to use, but the students prove more than capable of the challenge,? Habgood said.

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