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First Mac Ransomware Discovered in Transmission BitTorrent Client

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Mac Ransomeware

Viruses, adware, malware and other internet security threats are always a very big problem for users all over the world. While Apple?s Mac computers are well known for their security from viruses and malware, recent news have surfaced which says that the first known ransomware for the Mac has been discovered, and it is currently a threat to its countless users.

According to a report for Reuters, researchers from the Palo Alto Networks, Inc. informed them that the first ransomware, which targeted the Mac was discovered over the weekend. For those who are not familiar with ransomware, the same report describes it as one type of cyber threat which encrypts data on infected computers. The user would then have to pay the ransom in digital currencies in order to get an electronic key to unlock the machine once more.

According to CNET, the researchers discovered the ransomware has infected Transmission, a popular OS X BitTorrent client. The ransomware, which they have named ?KeRanger?, is the first one which is fully functional in the wild. The ransomware has likely infected the Macs of users who downloaded Transmission?s version 2.90 software.

In an interview with Reuters, Ryan Olson who is the Palo Alto Threat Intelligence Director said, ?This is the first one in the wild that is definitely functional, encrypts your files and seeks a ransom?.

While no effects have been reported by Mac users, it would usually take a few days for the ransomware to really take effect. Apple is said to have already taken steps to prevent further infection, according to the same Reuters report. Transmission has, likewise, released an updated version of its software, which automatically removes the ransomware from the Macs.

Internet security is a very big deal, and it remains to be seen just how many Mac users will be affected by this current ransomware. Make sure you check back here to find out more about the Apple ransomware as well as other important tech news and updates.

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