First Look At Samsung’s New Lineup of Galaxy Tab S Accessories

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Along with the new tablet models, Samsung also launched an array of Galaxy Tab S accessories

Samsung has recently announced a line of new tablets with impressive Super AMOLED displays. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S, to come in July with 8.4 and 10.5-inch variants, will be available for $ 399 and $ 499 respectively. But Samsung is hoping that consumers with extra cash will spend them in their Galaxy Tab S accessory collection that includes cases, headphones, and more.

Galaxy Tab S Accessory: Book Cover

The form factor of this Galaxy Tab S accessory is in line with the company?s tradition of ?book cover? tablet cases. As such, they aptly named it as the Galaxy Tab S Book Cover. The case is able to offer three standing modes: typing, touch and viewing mode. The case?s flap also allows the auto-power on/off feature of the tablet. This accessory comes in many colors such as black, white, bronze, ivory, red, and blue.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory - Book Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory – Book Cover

Galaxy Tab S Accessory: Simple Cover

For those who long for the same protection that the Book Cover provides but also wants a slimmer form, then Samsung?s Simple Cover is the right Galaxy Tab S accessory for them. This case is a thinner, protective version which can easily be snapped onto the back of the Galaxy Tab S. It has a soft touch grip feature to maximize comfort and grip while handling the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory - Simple Cover

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory – Simple Cover

Samsung Bluetooth Keyboard

If you want to make best use of your Galaxy Tab S? productivity features, then what you?re looking for is the Samsung Bluetooth Keyboard. This tablet peripheral is made particularly for the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 model and is made from the same materials. The keyboard delivers similar functionality as a conventional laptop keyboard which makes it more practical for heavy tablet users. It also has designated hot keys and buttons specially made to launch the tablet?s Multi Window, Screen Capture, and S Finder features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory - Bluetooth Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory – Bluetooth Keyboard

Samsung Level Series headphones

Samsung?s new Level Series headphones come in three varieties: the Level Over, Level On, and Level In models. ?The Level Over is a type of over-ear headphones that can be paired with the Galaxy Tab S via Bluetooth, as well as other tablet and smartphone models. It is equipped with active noise cancellation features and a battery capable of giving 30 hours of listening time (if active noise cancellation is turned off) and up to 200 hours of standby time.

For the other two models, the Level On headphone combines a compact design with immersive HD audio experience. Unlike Level Over, it features a detachable cable rather than the Bluetooth connectivity. Meanwhile, the Level In earbuds are in-ear headphones that are light-weight and can also produce three-way speaker sounds naturally. It comes with three memory foam tips as well as four silicon ear tips.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory - Level Series Headphones

Samsung Galaxy Tab S accessory – Level Series Headphones


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