First Google Store Opens; Sells Tablets and Smartphones Online

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Google has been behaving a lot like Apple as of late.

Apple has, for years, maintained a presence in consumer?s minds that it?s a seller of things. Beautiful things, in fact, that had gained a cult following over the years. It is this kind of following that Google is hoping to emulate, since it has launched a few products of its own. It started with the birth of the Android OS, an OS that is as open as the iOS is as hard to crack, so to speak. Whereas Apple only have apps that are tailor-made for them, the Android OS welcomes any and all?positive or negative.

This report, which comes from PC Mag, tracks the emergence of the Google Store as a phenomenon. It strangely resembles that of Apple?s own store partially, but does Apple have any reason to worry about a young upstart just learning the ropes of commerce? Here also is an article from C|Net about Google?s expansion?not just to a physical store?but also to an online store, one which sells all of which the physical store does.

The Google Store in London

Google?s first store has since opened up in London, and it?s something to look at.

The Google Store, located in Currys PC World, as per PC Mag, is offering customers a glimpse at Google?s current stable of electronics. That?s Android phones, tablets, and laptops for you, as well as? Chromecast streaming devices. It?s a page out of Apple?s playbook; however, Google is also offering classes at the location, as per PC Mag, in an effort to spread awareness about online security and about the different gadgets that Google has.

Google doesn?t seem content on just resting on their laurels with the opening of this branch. That?s not all, though; Google reportedly wants to open two more retail locations this year, as per PC Mag. Only time will tell whether it?s a declaration of war on Apple?s control of this particular sector.

Google?s online commercial presence

Google might have their retail store, but they are also planning to extend the experiment with a new website focusing solely on hardware products.

The Google Store seems to be a play on Apple?s iTunes store, but nevertheless, the website is a place where people can take a look at and buy Google hardware, as per C|Net. The store, which also sells Nexus smartphones?a product of the company, will be selling smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks. It appears that this is a move to separate the selling of products from its Google Play Store?another move that seems similar to the relationship between Apple?s iTunes Store and their retail outlets.

Google seems to be likening itself to Apple more and more. What will come out of these actions by the software giant?

Google?not just a search engine anymore

It?s safe to say that Google isn?t content at being just a search engine phenomenon anymore. Software, hardware?is Google making a push for the future? All their actions thus far seems to be telling people that Google is indeed prepared to do more and be more.


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